Storage quota exceeded on MySites

A user reported that they were receiving an email stating the following:

“You are receiving this e-mail message because you are an administrator of the following SharePoint Web site, which has exceeded the warning level for storage: To see how much storage is being taken up by this site, go to the View site collection usage summary:”

The http://…/usage.aspx page showed the user had exceeded the storage quota.


The user had checked their recycle bin and no items were found.

When the user’s MySite was opened through Central Admin, the 2nd stage recycle bin showed the deleted items that were still being counted against the storage quota. The items were deleted from the Admin recycle bin and user was able to add more files to their MySite without receiving storage quota error.

When checking this in Central Admin make sure you are on the User’s MySite and not the default top level MySite. You can get the user’s MySite URL by going to the MySites site collections in Central Admin. Copy and paste the user’s MySite site collection URL into a new browser window, then add _layouts/usage.aspx to the end of the URL to get to the MySite web analytics to see the quota amount used.

From here you can go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Collection Adminstration > Recycle Bin to view and delete the items in the 2nd stage recycle bin.

Option to create a Forms Library not available in Business Intelligence Center Template


The option to create a forms library was not available on a sites created with the Business Intelligence Center template. The option was available on other sites.


Make sure SharePoint Enterprise, Performance Point, and Publishing features are all activated at the site collection level


At the Site level make sure all of the above features area activated. If option to create forms library is still not available check to see if the Team Collaboration Lists at the site level is activated. If not, activate it and the option to create a forms library should then be available from Create>Library




Access Denied error when entering survey

After creating a custom survey or list, users get “Access Denied” error when trying to complete. The error is received when clicking on “Next” if branching is enabled, or when clicking on “Finish” if branching is not enabled. The user has minimum of “contribute” access on the list, but still receives “Access Denied” error.


This error is received when the user does not have permission to create or edit responses. To resolve, click on Settings > Survey Settings > Advanced Settings, then under Create and Edit Access select Create responses and edit responses that were created by the user. The user should now be able to complete the survey without receiving the Access Denied error.


SharePoint 2010 HTTP 1.1 200 error

HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.0 Date: CurrentDateAndTime GMT Connection: close

I received this error when I tried to browse to a newly created SharePoint 2010 site. Other newly created sites were responding as expected – only one was throwing this error. Searching the error returned several hits that were related to detaching and reattaching a database and a few other more complicated situations, but none that I could find were about the error on a newly created site.

After taking a looking in Central Admin, I realized that I had not created a top level site for this particular web app. That was the problem. After creating the top level web app, the site responded as expected.

I realize this was a simple issue to resolve, but the lack of any hits regarding the error with a new site prompted me to do a blog entry to possibly save someone else some time. So, if your site is a newly created one and you get this error, make sure your top level site exists. If it does and you’re getting the error, you can continue on with the other recommendations for the more complicated issues.

Error enabling 2010 visual upgrade

You attempt to do a visual upgrade to a MOSS 2007 site that was upgraded to SharePoint 2010 and you get the error:

“Visual Upgrade failed. The default master page for this user interface could not be found at “/teams/xxxxx/_catalogs/masterpage/v4.master”. Add the requested master page at this path and try again.”

Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

Correlation ID: a4ead41e-8c93-4d9d-ae0e-580902b71714

The problem is that SharePoint is looking for a masterpage that isn’t in the master page library. This missing masterpage is usually the v4.master page.

To add the v4.master page to the library:

1. Go to the upgraded 2010 site, and create a subsite

2. Download a copy of the v4.master page. (Site Settings > Galleries > Master Pages)

3. Go to the top level site (or any site where the error is) and upload the copy of the v4.master into the master page gallery. (Site Settings > Galleries > Master Pages)

4. Try the visual upgrade again.

Once the v4.master page is added to the master page library, the visual upgrade to the SharePoint 2010 look and feel should work.